It’s always nice to meet people from an industry that we work in. But we are mostly busy and we don’t always give priority to meeting colleagues from other brands on an individual level. Meets like these give us an opportunity to find many of our peers from different brands under one roof to talk about partnerships. The selection of brands participating in the Brand Partnership Meet is great.

- Mansi Mehta, Head Marketing, Genesis Luxury

There are so many brands here and the kind of networking platform this place provides in terms of the fact that you can just walk up to anyone and talk about opportunities.

– Priyanka Ravishankar, AVP- Marketing, Grofers

The dynamics of market is changing these days and publishers like us are also looking forward to tie-up with e-commerce, FMCG players etc. It’s a first of its kind meet which I have seen, the panel discussion was one great USP.

– Aloke Mahapatra, Senior Manager Marketing, India Today

Great platform which wasn’t available any time before I may have have heard of. I know, that all the brands are coming in together. It’s a unique and interesting platform with the clear cut objective, to find partnerships.

– Ajay Anand, Manager Marketing, MYLES by Carzonrent

It’s around 150 prospects under one roof in one day which otherwise doesn’t happen. If you go for a meeting at the most you are able to meet 2-3 people in a day. Here you get a coast of brands under one roof and this makes it a great occasion to connect for everyone.

– Harshal Shah, Assistant Manager Marketing, Crossword Bookstores Ltd.

It’s a fast paced life and everybody has their own challenges, Bringing all brands together is a challenging task. This is the first edition and kudos for putting it up so well.

– Prateek Wadera, Head- partnerships & Alliances, Kingdoms of Dreams

This is a fantastic platform to connect with brand marketers from different sectors and see what are the new things going on and how partnerships can actually leverage and build brands.

– Sriranga Sudhakara, Managing Director, Vyoma Media

I couldn’t meet these brands otherwise, This meet has done wonders.

– Raul Brady, Founder & CEO, Godatu

This forum gave us a platform to come and interact with brands directly, it’s a right platform to handshake and to start a new alliance.

– Deeksha Khanna, Senior Manager - Business Development, Mobikwik

It’s a very good platform that Ethos has created and an amazing platform to interact and form brand alliances.

– Vishwalok Nath, Head Marketing & Syndications, India Today

Very well laid out in terms of the way the presentations and the panel discussions happened and also it looked very complete in terms of the information and content.

– Abha Banerjee, Founder & CEO, Success India Leadership Co.

This forum makes sense for us to be here because we are looking for partners and that’s the process we normally go, reach out to brands. Everybody is here with the same intent. All the marketers are in the same room, will not find it anywhere else.

- Manish Mahendra, Marketing manager, Exide life

This kind of platform helps you understand what kind of brand partnerships can happen because for most of the brands the TG remains the same and every brand is investing their money to reach the same TG. So if you are partnering you are actually investing half or 1/3 depending on the brands that come together. It is a wonderful place to connect with different brands.

– Saurabh Sharma, Regional marketing manager, Tata Motors

The format in which every brand is coming and presenting - where you get to see more number of options. And instead of meeting just face to face you get to see a teaser. You can hand-pick which people you want to talk to. It’s an interesting showcase of ideas that excites me.

– Sandeep Singh, CEO, Freecultur

It’s a very good initiative at the right time where market is moving through a challenging period. Alliances will play major role in supporting different companies.

- Shekhar Muttreja, Managing Director, Cosmic Group

This kind of platform helps startup brands an opportunity to meet other big brands because in practical life it’s very hard to reach the concerned people.

– Ankush Sharma, CEO, Ye Paisa

The variety of marketers from diverse categories and also the new concept and ideas of partnerships that have come across in this meet are extremely enriching.

– Anurag Mishra, Marketing Head, OYO Rooms