Sponsorship Opportunities

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With access to over 15,000 brand marketers from over 5000 top-of-the-line fortune companies and organizations, the #BrandPartnershipMeet partners are perfectly placed to increase their exposure and business opportunities with professionals that oversee brand marketing spends worth hundreds and thousands of crores every year.

We offer numerous avenues for you and your organization to reach out to these key brand marketing professionals and the wider world of marketing communications.

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Your company benefits from:


The Brand Partnership Meet is highly publicized among the marketing community, expecially the brand marketing professionals. Our communications reach thousands of brand marketing professionals across categories and customized publicity can also be designed for the purpose.

Your company’s brand name and sponsorship recognition is included in the Brand Partnership Meet Newsletter, e-news, monthly and weekly announcement eMailers to prospects and members, on highly visited brandpartnershipmeet.com and www.paulwriter.com website and in all event collateral to help you lock in valuable brand recognition.

Brand Association

If your company strives to have its name recognized with brand marketing decision makers, marketing professionals, executives, managers and other influential business decision-makers, sponsorship of brandpartnershipmeet is the answer.

Access to New Business Relationships

The unique one-on-one marketing aspects of our events and programs provide companies access to hundreds of new clients and customers. BrandPartnershipMeet is also an ideal forum for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers.

Customized Sponsorships

Save the date for the 2015 BrandPartnershipMeet. Many creative opportunities exist to tailor a sponsorship opportunity specifically designed to showcase your business to brand marketing decision makers. Let our staff create the perfect partnership match for your business.

Some of the key opportunities available to our sponsors:

  • Recognized as ‘Partner in all event related communication (print & digital)
  • Exclusive presentation and pitchsessions
  • Branding via the pre conference brochure, website, banners, posters, set panels, conference documentation and delegate gifts – a comprehensive brand awareness raising opportunity which targets people beyond attending the conference itself
  • Brand Lounge in the conference networking area – demonstrate your products, network with attendees, hold informal meetings or just give more exposure to your brand via an exhibition stand in the only networking area in the conference, where all coffee breaks are held, as well as in many cases, lunches and evening receptions (2m x 6m raw booth space)
  • Complimentary conference passes
  • 1-1 meetings pre-set with attendees
  • Coverage on all Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare)
  • Access to VIP lounge (speakers and VIP invitees)
  • A chance to publicize one case study in Marketing Booster magazine and in the Brand Partnership Hub online
  • many other publicity, networking, and lead generation opportunities can be customized and packaged for you to suit your needs and budget.

To learn more about various sponsorship levels, Contact Isha at  08505999041 or email isha@ethosembassy.com to secure the sponsorship opportunity of your choice today!