Brand Partnership Meet

Jointly organised and hosted by Ethos Embassy Communications Pvt. Ltd. and Paul Writer Strategic Services Pvt. Ltd., Brand Partnership Meet is the only platform in India that helps brand marketers across categories to find new brand partners, discover new partnership marketing ideas, learn about new treads and explore the partnership marketing opportunities.

With nearly 7,000 brand marketers to target, we are leading the collaborative marketing approach.

Be a part of the Brand Partnership Meet and get resources, tools and services to explore marketing partnerships and brand alliances across categories.

The Brand Partnership Meet is the only information and contact resource for brand marketers and their ad agencies to facilitate the navigation of partnership marketing opportunities among brands and around entertainment, causes, retail and online assets.

Throughout the year brand marketers can use this platform to receive updates on current and upcoming marketing partnerships and brand alliance opportunities across categories.

To know more, pl call us at 08505999819.

About Paul Writer Strategic Services Pvt Ltd.

Paul Writer is building India’s largest community of marketers with a goal to raise the bar for marketing in India through providing thought leadership, conferences and advisory services.

Paul Writer’s community comprises over 25,000 senior executives and marketers across its virtual and offline platforms. Paul Writer publishes a monthly print magazine, Marketing Booster, hosts CXO Roundtables, marketing conferences and has worked on advisory engagements with organizations such as Anthelio, Mahindra Satyam, Tavant Technologies, Bhartiya Global, UST Global, NIIT Technologies, Venkataraman Associates and others.  Paul Writer was founded in 2010 by Jessie Paul, a senior marketer who has has held CMO level roles at Wipro and iGATE Global, and is the author of No Money Marketing, published by McGraw-Hill.

Jessie Paul is the Founder and CEO of Paul Writer.

Jessie Paul is the author of a popular book on marketing, No Money Marketing, which was published by Tata-McGraw Hill.

Jessie can be found on Twitter @jessie_paul


About Ethos Embassy Communications Pvt. Ltd.

We are helping brands engage with audiences, influence their understanding and change purchase consideration.

Ethos Embassy provides best-in-class, specialized and collaborative solutions to create brand influence – Blurring the borders between providing traditional marketing and corporate communications services and working as your brand influence partner.


About Ethos Brand Partnerships

Connecting Brands to Consumers through partnerships with other Brands and Platforms.

Ethos Brand Partnerships is the specialized partnership marketing arm of Ethos Embassy Communications Pvt. Ltd., empowering brands to capture the attention of their audiences through brand alliances and strategic collaborations.

The agency  leads the collaborative marketing approach – where brands partner to sell together, cross promote each other, run events together or even create campaigns and products together. Our mission is to help brands forge valuable strategic brand alliances across categories and platforms.

EBP helps brands find right match and create strategic alliances with retail, online, entertainment, leisure and Not-for-Profit organizations. Being a matchmaker for brands, EBP helps brands to create lasting relationships that drive additional revenue, brand exposure, customer loyalty and engagement.